Monday, 29 September 2008

Playing Great, Feeling Great

It's been a really great month of poker for me. I've been playing on Fulltilt poker as Hellboy and have just been playing really well. I've been building my roll on holdem and omaha, from .5/.10 to .25/.50 ...They're not crazy stakes, but it's enough to build a roll.

I've been playing alot with Gravedigger on Fulltilt and we had the sickest heads up game that i unfortunately was on the wrong end of. I doubled through with AK vs AQ on a A high board, so that put me in good sted. He was ultra aggressive which fits my style, i was letting him run over me and waiting for the big hand...and it arrived. I had AA and he raised on the button, i called, flop came 84J ...I checked it to him and he bet out, i re-raised, he called. I had him on a J. The turn was an 8 and i moved all in. He had 108 :( Not sure if it was the right play, it's easy to look back and decide, but when you're in a game, you're in a game.

Everytime i lose a game like this, it makes me stronger. I bounce back and play some great poker. I've been playing lots of omaha and just crushing the tables. Playing $5 sit n goes and in the top 3 almost everytime. I've turned a real corner when it comes to poker, feeling great about the game.

My live poker still needs improving, I was in a tourney with Moz, Bluescouse and Gravedigger and Bluescouse ended up winning it. He actually beat me 5-2 on a £5 a game pool match, so it was a good night for him overrall.

My live games needs improving for sure, I think i just don't have the same type of patience i have when i play online. In the round games me and the lads have, i do really well, I either win or finish heads up. However, when we go to the casino or to a formal poker tournament, i just don't seem to do aswel. Maybe it's a pyshcological thing, I'm not sure but it's definitely something I'll be working on.

On a whole, I'm up 3x my buy in and playing some fantastic poker. It's all going to plan.

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Keeping it real!

After my unlucky end to my sports betting, i decided to take a break and just enjoy not gambling for a while! Not like i really play with big money or anything - my target has alway sbeen to start with a low amount and build it up, slowly, but surely.

So, i depositted £5 and after a couple days of poker, am now on £24! Not sure how i did it. I just played slowly and took my time with the hands, analysed the players on the table and got into a groove. I weren't afraid to fold good hands, like, on a board of x67, turn 5....i had pkt 5s, but the one player moved all in so fast that it seemed pretty obvious, so i folded that one. He didn't show a straight, but i was pretty sure.

I also folded my least favorite hand 1010 - i never really know how to play this hand, when i play it fast, i get beat, and when i play it slow, i get beat. Any suggestions?

So, life is good, and its jus low stakes poker and no sports betting! Maybe soon though, we'l see - definitely won't be betting on liverpool! lol

Tuesday, 8 January 2008


Since my last post, Arsenal successfully beat some team 0-2 to bring my roll to £29. I said i wouldn't bet on Liverpool to beat Luton, and, i didn'tuntil the last 3 minutes. I couldn't resist a live bet at 1/4 on a 1-1 draw. I put £28 on here and brought my roll to £36. I think there's a few rules for sports betting that all should abide by. 1) Thou shalt never bet on Liverpool and 2) Thou shalt never bet on Liverpool and 3) Never back Liverpool!! It's funny how inconsistant they are, they really never do whats expected of them, and im a liverpool fan!

My next bet is Chelsea to beat Everton at 5/6, i put £6 on here. They're at home and stamford bridge is a fort to them, so im confident my roll will be £41 by the end of the night .... who knows....

Sunday, 6 January 2008

Sports Betting Success

It's been an up and down few days for me but things are finally starting to pick up. By combining low stakes poker with sports betting i've managed to find a recipe for success. My roll started with £12 and i've been playing £5 buy in .5/.10 on willhill. That might sound abit weird, but i usually leave the game early if i feel i haven't got an edge - luckily i've been ending these sessions with 2 or 3 quid profit )at the very least). With the poker i got up to about £18, so my roll was looking healthy. However, the sports betting wrecked it.

I put £16 on Liverpool to beat wigan at 2/8 and i put £2 on man city to beat, birmingham i think it was, at 2/1. So Liverpool drew 1-1, and Man city won 0-1, so my roll was a measly £3. I put it all on willhill and managed to it back up to about £14 playing .5/.10 after a really great and fearless session.

My next bet was man utd to beat villa at 10/11 - i put £11 there. Though utd won, in the 75th minute, i put £3 on a draw. This wasjust for insurance because it was such a drab game and there didn't look like being a goal. Well, Man Utd won in the end with two late goals so my roll is now £21.

My next and current bet is Arsenal to beat Burnley at 2/5 - I put £20 on here, so, hopefully my roll will be £29 by the end of the game.It's 0-1 to Arsenal now with 35 minutes left to play.
I won't bet on Liverpool to beat Luton or Stoke to beat Newcastle today. Both sides are very unreliable and knowing my luck, they'd both lose.

Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Back in the game! Well...sort of

It's been a long time since my last post and it's actually been a good month or two off from poker. However, a few days ago, i played a few freerolls and did really well, so im confident i still have my game!

My netellers not working, so finding ways of starting a roll has been difficult, but i decided to dabble in some sports betting to give me a kick start. So, I decide to bet on what appears to be a sure victory, Liverpool to beat Derby at 2/7. Ok, so, £42 is placed on this, and i am to get £12 back. Very poor odds, but, in my eyes it's an easy £12. ...How wrong was i....

Liverpool came out strong and Torres scored a great goal to make it 0-1. They searched for a 2nd goal but it didn't arrive. Derby scored an equaliser and had chances of winning the game. I had to wait until the 90th minute for steven gerrard to give Liverpool the 3 points and me a very well earned £12. £42 would have been a huge loss for me and a huge fuck up from me had liverpool drawn or lost here. I'm very relieved and am looking forward to turning this £12 into thousands. I'm not quite sure how im going to do it yet, i feel really chilled out about things, and don't feel pressured to play. Some well calculated sports bets and a few good rounds of poker, and i should be ok.

Monday, 17 September 2007

Stars is sick, but going gr8!

I've been playing on stars for the past week or so. Things are really going great. I'm way over what i started with. I've cashed out my starting money and am only playing profits now, i figure, by doing that, i can't really 'lose' - it's a win win situation this way.

I did lose a sick pot though the other night. Heads Up 2/5 i pick up 108 in the bb and call a 3x bet. Flop is 966 - i figure that's a good flop for me, so i re-raised his expected follow up bet, he called, so i figure i can bluff the turn and take the pot right there. The turn was a 7 - giving me a 10 high straight! He checked it, so i bet just over the pot...he re-raises me ALL IN....what??? What on earth could he have?? There's no flush on the board, no higher straight, maybe he's betting his trips? -- I had to call....he turns over 96! haha he flopped a full sick!

Other than that, it's been good, i'm still playing with profits, and it's mainly 2/5's going well.

Sunday, 9 September 2007

Taking a break

After my last blog, i deposited some $$$ into fulltilt and started out great - i was playing winning poker and playing a positive aggressive game. However, i eventually lost a few big pots and after a bad run, eventually lost it all. It really sucked. Though i won't deposit again for a long long time, i will try and play some freerolls and do a 'chris ferguson' type challenge if you will....just start with $0 and see if i can build it up - if i can get anywhere near 10 thousand dollars, i will be happy.